For The Wardrobe You Desire

Photographer - Will Bailey. Model - Anya Litvin. Dress by Jaeger. Drink bottle & bag by Deadly Ponies

How many of you have arrived home after going shopping to find you've bought garments you don’t really need or know how to wear, or you're unsure whether they even suit you?

I believe you should be able to wear everything in your wardrobe with confidence and understand how to co-ordinate your garments to maximise your outfit options. It isn't necessary to go out each season and buy a whole new wardrobe. (But we all want to right...?!)

I know where to shop, everywhere from high-end fashion boutiques, through to the vintage shops in Paeroa, and everything in between. I will work within your budget to source quality garments that complement your personality and figure.

For those who have had buyer's remorse, I am here to help. The right wardrobe will make dressing so much easier and a far more pleasurable experience.  And don't forget all the admiring glances and comments that will come your way! You will be impressed by how you dress and how you look. 

This is what ‘the wardrobe you desire’ is all about.

Wardrobe Consultation

Our initial consultation will determine the current state of your wardrobe and what you require from it. I will help you cull pieces that you no longer wear, and show you new ways to wear garments that you love, but that haven't been working for you, for whatever reason. I will help you organise and order your wardrobe so that it's easy to put together outfits.

With your lifestyle, body shape and personal style in mind, I know where to take you should you require additional pieces.